Urenio Watch Watch: Cities

WBA White Paper: The Urban Unconnected

This report, entitled The Urban Unconnected: Challenging, efforts, and opportunities on the path towards a digital society, explores the levels of urban and rural connectivity across eight major countries and uncovers the challenges faced and the initiatives being implemented by five of the world’s major cities. The research was commissioned by the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) to the research and consulting firm IHS Markit.

White paper by EPRI: The Role of Digital Utilities in Smart Cities

This white paper, entitled The Role of Digital Utilities in Smart Cities: Leveraging Utility Information and Communication Technologies,  has been recently published by Electric Power Research Network (EPRI). It describes   a framework for how the digital utility can provide additional value for customers by leveraging existing ICT systems for greater public benefit.

EU Open Data Portal Report: Open Data in cities

 Open Data portals are in place, increasingly backed by solid Open Data policies. Cities have an important role to play here. This report investigates the Open Data initiatives in eight medium-sized European cities, after having analysed Open Data initiatives in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Copenhagen, London, Paris, Stockholm and Vienna in a previous report. Cities covered in this report include Dublin, Florence, Gdansk, Ghent, Helsinki, Lisbon, Thessaloniki and Vilnius.

Boost human health and happiness through public space design

This report presents the outcome of a pilot experiment challenging the attractiveness and liveability of modern public spaces conducted by Happier by Design in the West Palm Beach waterfront.  Happier by Design is a collaborative interdisciplinary team comprised of Happy City, the University of Virginia, Street Plans Collaborative and UK-based Space Syntax.

Open Governance in the Smart City

Open Governance in the Smart City is a scoping report providing an overview of the variety of approaches local governments and communities can take to ICT enabled open governance. Through eleven cases, 9 european and 2 non-european cities, the report also discusses risks and challenges, concluding with a number of recommendations.