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Speed Demons – Innovating in a Flash

Speed is emerging as the ultimate competitive weapon, reports the latest cover story in the BusinessWeek magazine.

According to the article some of the world’s most successful companies are proving to be expert at spotting new opportunities, marshalling their forces, and bringing to market new products or services in a flash. Continue reading

Open Collaboration to Accelerate Innovation

Twelve leaders from four IT companies, seven American universities and the Kauffman Foundation have adopted a set of guiding principles to address how to approach open collaborative research between universities and the IT industry. The expectation is that the principles will promote and accelerate innovation, shortening the time it takes to move from concept to development. Continue reading

Networks of Knowledge

The network is the pervasive organizational image of the new millennium. This book examines one particular kind of network – the ‘knowledge network’ – whose primary mandate is to create and disseminate knowledge based on multidisciplinary research that is informed by problem-solving as well as theoretical agendas.

In their examination of five knowledge networks based in Canadian universities, Continue reading