Urenio Watch Watch: Collective Intelligence

Crowdsourcing Government: Lessons from Multiple Disciplines

Crowdsourcing has proliferated across disciplines and professional fields. Implementers in the public sector face practical challenges, however, in the execution of crowdsourcing. This paper by  Helen K. Liu, an assistant professor in the Department of Politics and Public Administration at the University of Hong Kong, synthesizes prior crowdsourcing research and practices from a variety of disciplines and focuses to identify lessons for meeting the practical challenges of crowdsourcing in the public sector. Continue reading

Open Governance in the Smart City

Open Governance in the Smart City was developed in the framework of the EU funded Horizon 2020 research project smarticipate. Through eleven cases ‘“ 9 European and 2 non-European cities – the report provides an overview of the variety of approaches local governments and communities can take to ICT enabled open governance. In addition to describing the different approaches, the report also discusses risks and challenges, concluding with a number of recommendations. Continue reading

A European agenda for the collaborative economy

This report provided by the European Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS) provides essential information regarding issues related to collaborative economy. These issues cover a wide range starting from its definition, to the application of  existing legislation, to the increasingly unclear distinction between consumers and  providers, employees and self-employed, as well as the professional and non- professional provision of services. Continue reading

Report: Multi-level governance and vertical policy integration

This report aims to investigate multi-level governance and vertical policy integration in the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development at all levels of government. More specifically, it focuses on exploring in depth governance structure for sustainable development, as well as multi-level governance and vertical policy integration. Continue reading

Governing with Collective Intelligence

This report, published by Nesta, provides an introduction to collective intelligence in government. It aims to be useful and relevant to governments of countries at very different levels of development. It highlights the ways in which governments are better understanding the world around them, drawing on ideas and expertise from their citizens, and encouraging greater scrutiny of their actions. Continue reading