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New York City’s Digital Leadership: 2013 Roadmap

nyc_digital_leadershipIn 2011, Mayor Bloomberg introduced New York City’s first Digital Roadmap. Less than three years later, with 100% of objectives are complete, New York City’s Digital Leadership demonstrates the strides the City has made to date, driven by investments in infrastructure, education, open government, online engagement and technology sector support. Continue reading

Book: The Silent Intelligence


‘The Silent Intelligence’ published on September 20, 2013 is a book about the Internet of Things. The two authors, Daniel Kellmereit and Daniel Obodovski discuss about the history and trends of technology ecosystem and the future of connected cites, connected homes, connected health and connected cars. The aim of the book is  to help executives, entrepreneurs, investors Continue reading

Report: Building a Digital City in New York

buildingadigitalcity-1The report, “Building a Digital City: The Growth and Impact of New York’ s Tech / Information Sector’, features both an in-depth, quantitative analysis of New York’ s technology sector and a qualitative study of the attributes that have enabled New York and San Francisco to become the nation’ s two leading “digital cities’. Continue reading