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Manchester ‘s 10 point plan for a digital city

Manchester City Council has revealed a 10 point plan to ensure it is one of the world’ s foremost digital cities by 2020 ‘“ promoting economic growth and ensuring residents have the skills to benefit. The plan will drive the Council’s digital priorities and move the city forward rapidly as an example of best practice.

Information Marketplaces: The new economics of cities

An interesting report titled “Information Marketplaces: The new economics of cities’ has been published by “The Climate Group’, Accenture, Arup and the University of Nottingham. In the executive summary of this report is quite clear that there is a value created by smart thinking in the cities. According to the executing summary of the report:

Barron’s Magazine: Dawn of the Smart City

The cover story of Barron’s Magazine latest issue is about the dawn of the smart city. The article refers to challenges and long-term opportunities faced by cities in order to be as efficient and green as possible. The rapidly growing cities that adopt smart technology is also good news for big companies like IBM, ABB, Siemens, Microsoft, SAP, Cisco, Oracle, Schneider Electric, etc.