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Digital entrepreneurship: An idea bank for local policymakers

nesta digital enterpreneurhsip logoThis publication by nesta.org is an idea bank aiming to help local European policymakers and influencers create better conditions for entrepreneurship at the regional or city level. The publication is detailed and covers all the major areas on which local policy makers should address different challenges. The publication includes as Annex a Policy Action Guide with a template for policy makers to support the designing of a useful mix of policies to support digital entrepreneurship suited to different environments. The included guide contains ten-steps which comprise an idealised policy process and are not so straightforward in reality.

Orchestrating Regional Innovation Ecosystems

orchestrating regional innovation ecosystemsThe book published by Aalto University, Laurea University of Applied Science and Built Environment RYM Oy, on 2015, gives a snapshot of developments in Espoo Innovation Garden in Finland. It shows in 27 articles what’ s happening at this moment ‘”through the work of the authors’”but also points to the future, as their work continues within the Energizing Urban Ecosystems re ­search program.

Social Innovation: A Decade of Changes

social innovIn recent years, many initiatives and events have been carried out to develop pragmatic and participatory solutions to social and environmental problems that have been made more pressing by the crisis and have been addressed inadequately or not at all by either the market or the state. At the same time, the significant changes in the economic and social context as well as in the policy developments, particularly in the EU, have led BEPA to update the initial report published in 2010 in order to reflect

Science, research and innovation performance of the EU

Science, research and innovation performance of the EUResearch and innovation are key to building a prosperous future for the EU. They therefore figure prominently in the Europe 2020 strategy and the European Semester process and underpin progress towards the 10 priorities of the Juncker Commission, from providing a new boost to jobs, growth and investment, to developing the digital single market and developing the Energy Union. This report presents an in-depth indicator-based analysis of the EU’ s science, research and innovation performance and provides insight into the underpinning factors and drivers.