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The Urban Resilience Summit lecture videos

This week, nearly 500 urban resilience leaders from cities around the world, including 80 Chief Resilience Officers, are gathering in New York City to share ideas and innovations from their cities, collaborate on new solutions, explore New York as a living laboratory for urban resilience, and to together chart the course of the movement. Here is the programme and links to video lectures (from 100ResilientCities)

Leading Cities in a World of Disruptive Innovation

This 2017 Global Cities report takes a look at the world’s leading cities as well as those that are likely to become more important on the global stage. It includes the Global Cities Index, which examines cities’ performance, and the Global Cities Outlook, which evaluates their potential. Together, the Index and Outlook present a unique lens on the world’ s largest and most influential cities and those primed to make a strong impact.

NESTA CITIE programme reports

As NESTA is wrapping up the CITIE programme (CITy approaches to catalysing Innovation and Entrepreneurship), they share their findings and bring together summaries of the various reports they have published since the project  launched. Their analysis of over 50 global cities has revealed a  rich diversity of approaches to catalysing innovation and entrepreneurship: in other words,  there is no single pathway to success.

Nevertheless, high-performing city governments recognise that new ideas and

Innovation and Regional Specialisation in Latin America

The new report of JRC “Innovation and Regional Specialisation in Latin America”  analyses how smart specialisation is implemented in Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Chile and Argentina. The study also suggests collaboration  between smart specialisation initiatives in these countries, which together represent a population of over 460 million inhabitants, with EU regions.