Urenio Watch Watch: Innovation Clusters

New Handbook for Making Successful Innovation Districts

This handbook, entitled Advancing a new wave of urban competitiveness: The role of mayors in the rise of innovation districts, offers concrete strategies for mayor and their administration to facilitate the rise of innovation districts. It is the result of a collaborative work between the United States Conference of Mayors, the Brookings Institution, along with the Project for Public Spaces.

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Smart Kalasatama: A co-created district to experiment smart urban living

jlvae1biUnder the slogan “One more hour a day”, the city of Helsinki has initiated the development of a district, Kalasatama, that aims to manage time more efficiently. Considering time as one of city residents’ most precious resource, the vision of Smart Kalasatama, created together with local residents and other stakeholders, is for everyone to gain an extra hour of free time every day. Continue reading

Innovation clusters: Understanding life cycles

innovation-clusters-understanding-life-cycles-1-638Innovation clusters: Understanding life cycles is a report published  by The Economist Intelligence Unit. It focuses on the life cycles of five innovation clusters and the possible factors that determine their success. The report is based on desk research and expert interviews, referring to five case studies sited at Silicon Roundabout (UK), Bangalore (India), Boulder (United States), Singapore, and Estonia. Continue reading