Urenio Watch Watch: Innovation Clusters

Europe’s Innovation Hot Spots

europes-innovation-hot-spots.jpgBusinessWeek Special Report on Innovation (April 2008) includes a   number of intersting stories about the state of European innovation,  Europe’s top inventors, and main innovation drivers. Included is a piece on Europe’s Innovation Hot Spots. European governments are making efforts to propel innovation on the continent by creating competitive clusters’”areas with businesses, research centers, and educational institutions centered around a specific sector. Continue reading

Innovation Financing in the Medical Device Sector

Investments in the Medical Device and Health Technology IndustryThe aim of the “Innovation Financing in the European Medical Device Sector” report is to identify innovation-financing sources for the European medical device sector and to provide a comprehensive overview of the direct, indirect and alternative innovation financing sources for this sector in order to analyse missing links in the financing of innovation in Europe. Continue reading