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Smart Cities in the Post-algorithmic Era: a review

The book review by Aharon Kellerman, University of Haifa, published in the special issue “Smart, sustainable and fair cities” of Geography Research Forum, vol. 40, 2020 points out:
“The concept of smart cities has become widely applied and studied as of the 1990s. However, this edited volume presents a rather fresh, challenging and even provocative
perspectives for smart cities. Continue reading

Smart cities as large technological systems: Overcoming organizational challenges in smart cities through collective action

This study is researching the non-technological dimensions of smart cities. By reviewing the activities in 8 smart cities from a perspective of large technological systems, the authors argue that many of the challenges and solutions are organizational in nature. Continue reading

An exploratory approach for urban data visualization and spatial analysis with a game engine

This paper proposes the use of game engines towards the creation of interactive urban environments and engagement with data. The authors designed and implemented an interactive visualization tool that delivers comprehensive urban data summaries and analytics through a user-friendly interface. Continue reading

New Book: Green Computing in Smart Cities, Simulation and Techniques

The book “Green Computing in Smart Cities: Simulation and Techniques’ is a collection of research on green computing and the smart city. The editors aim at providing an up-to-date collection of thoughts and research on the issue and bring to the front and expand the discussion within the research community. Continue reading

Sustainable and Reliable Information and Communication Technology for Resilient Smart Cities

This paper summarizes a series of research studies relating to the systematic development of urban ICT and smart cities. It presents the activities and developments necessary to achieve a resilient, standardized smart city, based on Open Urban Platforms (OUP) and the way these serve as a blueprint for each city/community towards the establishment of a sustainable and resilient ICT backbone. Continue reading

New Paper_Introducing the “15-Minute City’: Sustainability, Resilience and Place Identity in Future Post-Pandemic Cities

With the concept of “15-Minute City’ gaining ground in popular media following the impacts of COVID19 and its subsequent adoption at policy level, the present paper introduces the concept, its origins, intent and future directions. The concept, offering a novel perspective of “chrono-urbanism’, adds to the existing thematic of Smart Cities and the rhetoric of building more humane urban fabrics and safer, more resilient, sustainable and inclusive cities, as depicted in the Sustainable Development Goal 11 of the United Nations.   Continue reading

New Paper_Information Management in Smart Cities: Turning end users’ views into multi-item scale development, validation, and policy-making recommendations

This article suggests ways to capture users’ views and perceptions of smart city services and applications towards more informed decision- and policy-making processes. It contributes to the debate on several issues pertaining to smart cities, urban computing, and information management.

Motivated by the dynamic field of smart-cities research, the current study represents a move to a finer understanding of end users’ perceptions and attitudes to smart-city services and applications. According to the authors, this understanding is critical not just to design smart-cities services but to ensure the functionality and sustainability of smart cities. Continue reading