Urenio Watch Watch: Intelligent / Smart Cities Strategies

Online workshop: Smart cities and digital competences

The workshop “Smart Cities digital transformation and digital competences for smart cities’ personnel” will take place on Wednesday, 3 June 2020, 10:30 -14:30 (EEST ‘“ Athens time). It is organised in the framework of the DEVOPS project, which aims to close the gap between today’ s and future’ s skills demand of the municipal workforce in smart cities. Continue reading

Report – Smart cities: Where’s the ROI?

SmartCitiesWorld Trend Reports examine an emerging or growing trend in smart cities, highlighting progress so far and future potential, as well as spotlighting case studies from cities around the world.

Written by Sue Weekes, News Editor, SmartCitiesWorld, this report examines how smart cities can achieve a three-dimensional return-on-investment that delivers economic, environmental and social benefits.

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Rethinking Smart Futures: Focused on people, enabled by transport, powered by technology

This report draws on a series of five roundtable events that brought together leading thinkers and decision-makers to debate the challenges and opportunities facing cities, transport and infrastructure, today and tomorrow. The report sets out a vision for smart cities, defining the attributes that will characterise the successful ‘˜places’ of the future. It examines the challenges to progress towards this agenda ‘“ the obstacles to overcome. Finally, it proposes an agenda for action ‘“ setting out how different participants can work together, and galvanise themselves and others to seize the opportunities on offer. Continue reading

Smart cities: A snapshot of Australia in 2017

KPMG and the Public Sector Network brought together more than 440 leaders from government, universities and industry across six events around the country between 29 August and 7 September 2017  to talk about what it really takes to make a city smart.  On the agenda were strategy, building a business case, innovation, engaging communities and establishing strong partnerships and collaboration.   Continue reading

The progress of African Smart City initiatives

African countries are still at the early stages of the urbanization process, but they are quickly catching up with the rest of the world. While Africa was the least urbanized region in the world in 2015, it is now the second fastest urbanizing region behind Asia, which it is expected to surpass by 2020.

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Top 10 Success Factors for Smart City Development

Technology-driven design firm, IBI Group, released a whitepaper on the ‘˜Top 10 Smart City Success Factors’ . The whitepaper draws on the firm’ s experience designing smart cities and  delivering intelligent transportation systems internationally, and sheds light on the key elements required for cities to develop and implement a successful strategy. Continue reading