Urenio Watch Watch: Intelligent / Smart Cities Strategies

Smart City Wien

Vienna is in the process of becoming a smart city. The focus of Vienna’ s strategy is set on achieving urban sustainability by capitalizing on social and technological innovation. The initiative has a strong environmental focus. Moreover, inclusiveness and collaboration are also of high importance, and the strategy is highly human centric. According to the following informative video, Smart city Vienna means: (i) putting focus on people, (ii) recognizing interconnectedness, (iii) listening to each other, (iv) working together. All of Continue reading

Smart Cambridge

Smart Cambridge initiative is exploring how data, innovative technology and better connectivity can be  used to transform the way people live, work and travel in the Greater Cambridge area and beyond.  Established as a workstream by the Greater Cambridge City Deal, this rapidly evolving programme is harnessing emerging technologies to improve the economic strength and sustainability of the area. Continue reading

SMART technologies and municipal finances

The report entitled “The impact of SMART technologies in the municipal budget: increased revenue and reduced expenses for better public services” shows how cities can use SMART technologies to cope with budgetary restraints and find innovative sources of revenues to reinforce their investment capacities and offer better services to their citizens. Continue reading

EU to use smart cities to boost investment and sustainability

On February 7 2017, the European Commission and the European Committee of the Regions announced their plan to work together in an initiative to create smarter EU cities and regions, with the overall goal of boosting investment and building a more sustainable Europe.

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