Urenio Watch Watch: Intelligent / Smart Cities Strategies

2016 Strategic Directions: Smart City/Smart Utility Report

2016-smart-utility-reportThe Black & Veatch Insights Group report tries to reveal emerging issues regarding the increasing global trend of smart cities. According to this report, aspects of increased sustainability, resilience and improved quality-of-life have been identified as core elements of a smart city, paving the way for the creation of smart utilities.  

How to prepare the different types of cities for the future

jan16-18-city-typesJohn D. Macomber, a senior lecturer at Harvard Business School, argues that private entrepreneurs and civic entrepreneurs need to match smart cities projects to specific circumstances. He proposes to break cities into four segments across two distinctions: legacy vs. new cities, and developed vs. emerging economies. The opportunities to innovate will differ greatly by segment.

Six Foundations for Building Community Resilience

Six-Foundations-for-Building-Community-ResilienceThe report describes how communities can approach the full scope of the 21st century’ s challenges equitably and sustainably. It is a resource for local leaders and activists, and a contribution to the larger public conversation about resilience in human communities. It also provides a conceptual starting point for community resilience that we will build on in future products focused on practical actions and tools.