Urenio Watch Watch: Knowledge Economy

Digital Spillover: Measuring the true impact of the Digital Economy

The digital economy is now firmly established as a core driver of global growth. Policy-makers are striving to understand how best to capitalize on the digital economy for the benefit of their citizens. This report,  published by Huawei and Oxford Economics,  explores how to measure digital economy and provides a fresh insight into how digital technologies affect economic performance. Continue reading

The Urban Resilience Summit lecture videos

This week, nearly 500 urban resilience leaders from cities around the world, including 80 Chief Resilience Officers, are gathering in New York City to share ideas and innovations from their cities, collaborate on new solutions, explore New York as a living laboratory for urban resilience, and to together chart the course of the movement. Here is the programme and links to video lectures (from 100ResilientCities) Continue reading

OECD: What skills are needed for tomorrow’ s digital world?

Information and communication technologies (ICT) are changing profoundly the skill profile of jobs. The use of ICT in the workplace ‘“ affecting only a handful of jobs a few decades ago ‘“ is now required in all but two occupations in the United States: dishwashing and food cooking (Berger and Frey, 2017). In most OECD countries, over 95% of workers in large businesses and 85% in medium-sized businesses have access to and use the Internet as Continue reading

University Entrepreneurship Report

CB Insights has published a report aiming to track and measure the entrepreneurship activity of top universities. Specifically, this report tracks six universities and the companies founded by or led by their alumni and the venture capital or angel financing they have raised. In total, CB Insights data revealed that these alumni have raised $12.6 billion of financing across 559 financing transactions. Continue reading