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Vote for the Best Smart City Projects in Asia Pacific

IDC Government Insights Asia Pacific opens public voting in its search for the top smart city initiatives in the region (excluding Japan) for the third straight year. Out of over 150 smart city project submissions coming from local governments and vendors in Asia Pacific this, only 46 projects were shortlisted by IDC as a finalist in at least one of 14 functional smart city strategic domains in its annual Smart City Asia Pacific Awards (SCAPA). Continue reading

Making Sense of the Smart City Standardization Landscape

The amount of activity in smart city standardization is truly broad and covers many areas. Some groups, such as IEEE, are looking at detailed technology aspects related to smart city networking or transportation while others, such as the International Organization for Standards (ISO), have a focus on higher-level activities such as strategies for smart city governance or procurement. IEEE Standards University provides a high-level overview of some of the key standards groups and their smart city activities. Continue reading

UK Smart Cities Index

UK_Smart_City_indexA new study by Navigant Research evaluates the UK smart city market, with a focus on two dimensions: Strategy and Execution. The Strategy dimension assesses each city’ s vision, goals, and objectives as they relate to its smart city program. The Execution dimension assesses the city’ s actual achievements from initial projects to full-blown deployment of innovative technologies and services. Continue reading

A Tale of Evaluation and Reporting in UK Smart Cities

UK1This report has been written under the framework of SmartDframe project, targeting on the investigation of approaches regarding the evaluation of smart city projects and programs. As it is stated on the beginning of this report, although smart city programs have been placed at the center of attention, less discussion has been made about their evaluation and the measurement of their outcomes. Continue reading