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The Fundamentals of Online Open Government

Transparency-20---Fundamentals-of-Online-Open-Government-(ICMA)-1The paper “Transparency 2.0: The Fundamentals of Online Open Government”, from Granicus, provides principles and practices about building transparency, trust, and engagement with the public. It also outlines 12 fundamentals of online open government that have been proven across more than 1,000 government agencies throughout North America. Continue reading

The Emergence of Civic Tech

civic-techCivic leaders, organizations, funders and citizens increasingly recognize the power of technology to connect people, improve cities and make government more effective. A new report from Knight Foundation offers a first-of-its-kind analysis of the emerging civic tech landscape, including investments being made in this growing field and the organizations behind them. Continue reading

Book: The foundation for an open source city

Open Source CityThe “Open Source City’ book, by Jason Hibbets, showcases the open source culture, government policies, and economic development happening in Raleigh and acts as a guide for other cities to pursue their open source city brand. It presents how the open source characteristics of collaboration, transparency, and participation are shaping the open government and open data movements. Continue reading

Open Data and the Future of Civic Innovation

BeyondTransparencyBeyond Transparency: Open Data and the Future of Civic Innovation is a new book about open civic data, edited by Brett Goldstein (Former Chief Data Officer of the City of Chicago) with Code for America. Beyond Transparency features essays from more than twenty of the world’ s leading experts in a first-of-its-kind anthology about how open data is changing the face of our public institutions. Continue reading