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Best Government Emerging Technologies

Τhe report recognises governments that are experimenting with emerging technologies to provide government services more efficiently, effectively and have proven results showing how they have created greater public value and transformed people’s lives. The report analysed and identified 29 Emerging Technologies, grouped in 9 categories that include technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Robotics & Space, Smart Platforms, amongst other.

e-Book: How to Talk to Civic Hackers

The book, written by Mark Headd, one of the first municipal Chief Data Officers in the United States, is meant for public servants and people working inside government who want to connect with innovators and technologists outside of the bureaucracy. It highlights strategies they can use to collaborate with people doing interesting and valuable work that can benefit or support the mission of government.

Design in the public sector: An interactive map by Nesta

A growing number of governments and public sector organisations have been turning to design as a new approach to help them solve complex challenges and improve the way they work. Through the creation of an interactive map, Nesta and Paris-based lab La 27e Région provide a snapshot of the sector and demonstrates the wide mix of players involved.