Urenio Watch Watch: Innovation Strategies

New EC booklet: European Urban Mobility – Policy Context

This publication has been prepared by the European Commission, principally for the benefit of cities and stakeholders in third countries. It provides an overview of EU urban mobility policy and expertise, with links to specific policy areas such as energy, environment, climate change as well as   employment and growth. It is available in English with translations into Mandarin, French, Portuguese and Spanish. Continue reading

EU innovation policy: “Solving Contradictions by Connectivity”

Jean Severijns’ collection “Solving Contradictions by Connectivity” contains 70 essays on the past, present and future of regional innovation and research policy in the EU.

The papers reflect on the evolution of innovation policy over the last 25 years, from the Regional Technology Plans in 1994 to the current Research and Innovation Strategies for Smart Specialisation (2014-2020). At large, the general opinion is that a lot has been achieved Continue reading

33 Routes to Open Innovation: routes and infographics by Jan Spruijt

It has been a while since Henry Chesbrough coined the term Open Innovation and formulated it’ s definition: “combining internal and external ideas as well as internal and external paths to market to advance the development of new technologies.’ (Chesbrough, 2003). In the course of time, the terminology surrounding Open Innovation has evolved alongside developments in management literature and practises. Open Innovation as a paradigm on itself is on its quest to touch base. Rather than taking a (technical) process-oriented approach, Open Innovation is now also about Open Business Models Continue reading

Proceedings of DSCIM 2017

DSCIM – 1st Doctoral Students Conference on Innovation Management, was held in October 4-6 2017 in Novi Sad, Serbia, bringing together students from different countries and from different perspectives, who do their doctoral research in this exciting field. This event connected these students with practitioners and industry, so that a synergy effect can be made to spark further collaborations.

Continue reading

The Urban Resilience Summit lecture videos

This week, nearly 500 urban resilience leaders from cities around the world, including 80 Chief Resilience Officers, are gathering in New York City to share ideas and innovations from their cities, collaborate on new solutions, explore New York as a living laboratory for urban resilience, and to together chart the course of the movement. Here is the programme and links to video lectures (from 100ResilientCities) Continue reading

Paper: What governments can do to support social innovation

In this new paper, Geoff Mulgan, Chief Executive of Nesta,  summarises some of the key policy tools that national governments have used or considered, and which together provide a menu of options for any future national governments that want to develop a more comprehensive strategy for social innovation.  The tools are divided in ten categories: Laws and Regulations, New Funding Sources, New Uses of Money, Social Innovation and Public Services, Growing Capacity, Empowerment and Democracy, Social Innovation and Science R&D, Social Innovation and Problem Solving, New Metrics, and Structures. Continue reading