Urenio Watch Watch: Cities

Cultural and Creative Cities Monitor

The Cultural and Creative Cities Monitor, created by the JRC of the European Commission, is a new tool to monitor and assess the performance of ‘Cultural and Creative Cities’ in Europe vis-à-vis their peers using both quantitative and qualitative data. This first edition of the Cultural and Creative Cities Monitor shows how well 168 selected cities in 30 European countries

Innovation and Regional Specialisation in Latin America

The new report of JRC “Innovation and Regional Specialisation in Latin America”  analyses how smart specialisation is implemented in Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Chile and Argentina. The study also suggests collaboration  between smart specialisation initiatives in these countries, which together represent a population of over 460 million inhabitants, with EU regions.

Embracing Innovation in Government – Global Trends

This new report highlights the latest trends in government innovation. The topics identified through this review are not the only trends and examples in government innovation, but they do provide a glimpse of where government innovation stands today and where it may be going tomorrow. By identifying and sharing them and by serving as a global forum for connecting innovators around the world, the OECD and the Mohammed Bin Rashid Centre for Government Innovation hope that they can be used by others to embed successes, reduce the impact of failure, and speed up the transformative process of innovation to deliver value for citizens at new heights and scales.