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Working from home: How to Reduce Home Office Echo

Working from home sounds like it would be perfect. It’ s a comfortable space, and you enjoy working while your dog naps beside you. Then you take a call from a client who says, “I can’ t hear you; are you on a speakerphone? There is a lot of background noise and an echo.’ The background noise is an embarrassing situation. Your phone call’s poor quality is due to the reverberation of sound, also known as an echo. And it’ s a growing problem for many people who find themselves now working from their home offices.   Continue reading

Raised Floor Systems, Data Analytics and Smart Building Design in a Post-COVID World

Smart building design is a rapidly growing shift in how architects and engineers look to design buildings that can easily adapt to new technology. The buildings of today need to be able to easily accommodate the technology of tomorrow. Gutting and re-constructing buildings as newer and more efficient technology becomes available is not only inefficient ‘” it’ s not even feasible.
While building owners want to be on the cutting edge, there are still costs associated with adopting any new technology, and like any project, budget is at the center of every decision. Continue reading