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How 5G Impacts Smart City Traffic Safety

5G represents one of the hottest new developments in technology and will soon start to be implemented around the world, reaching download speeds of 4.5 GB per second and data transmission speeds of 1.4 GB per second. These speeds are highly anticipated by private users, but they also bring major benefits for smart cities, including the field of traffic safety.

How Smart Cities can measure Traffic Performance

Automatic Traffic Signal Performance Measures (ATSPMs) are a solution for optimizing traffic signal performance. Their use can help Smart Cities optimize traffic flow and improve congestion, a major problem of most urban areas. They can also facilitate the collection of data and decision-making, and enhance the time-consuming and expensive process of retiming signals.

Faster, Stronger Smart Cities with Location Intelligence

CARTO, a platform to build powerful Location Intelligence apps, published a post summarising the opportunities that the Location Intelligence technologies and solutions offer to Smart Cities. From disaster relief and health services to traffic optimisation and more, Location Intelligence is making cities not just smarter, but stronger and faster. As distinctly spatial entities, cities uniquely benefit from a deeper understanding of ‘˜where’ .  

NEWBITS presented its new collaboration platform for ITS stakeholders at the DG MOVE lunchtime conference

The H2020 project NEWBITS (New Business Models for ITS) supporting the initiatives and actions of the Directorate General MOVE, upon invitation of the Projects’ Officer Mr. Georgios Tzamalis, had the opportunity to present NEWBITS research results to eleven members of different departments of DG-MOVE at a lunchtime conference in Brussels on 30th of November 2018.