Urenio Watch Watch: Innovation ecosystems

Benchmarking innovation diffusion in the Intelligent Transport Systems sector in Europe and the US

Within the framework of the EU-funded NEWBITS project, a benchmark analysis of ITS innovation diffusion[1] has been performed for three specific areas of ITS innovation: 1) Sharing Mobility, 2) Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS), and 3) Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAV’ s).  

Accelerating the Digital Transformation of smart cities and smart communities

The IDC white paper “Accelerating the Digital Transformation of Smart Cities and Smart Communities” presents how cities can take advantage of emerging technologies to: implement a cloud platform for cost containment, security, and flexibility; update work practices and foster a strong workforce; and stay compliant and address privacy, accessibility, and cybersecurity concerns. Moreover, it contains a useful checklist to help your smart city navigate potential challenges.

Smart Cities made even smarter by new technologies

As city dwellers swell in number, reaching half the world’ s population for the first time in history, the need to increase quality of life in cities is more pressing than ever. In this respect, the sudden availability of new technology comes at exactly the right time.

New technologies can make smart cities even smarter, by incorporating new solutions and capabilities such as artificial intelligence, sensor-driven analytics to solve pressing challenges that cities face, easing traffic, boosting economic growth, and improving access to government services for all residents.