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The Smart City Evolution: A Roadmap for Vision Zero

Open Data Nation (ODN) along with Microsoft, conducted ground-setting, comprehensive research to support Vision Zero municipalities and save lives. Specifically, they aimed to reveal common challenges, identify best practices, and expose opportunities to use data to inform decision making and prepare for autonomous vehicles. From this research, ODN defined a novel typology, the “Smart City Evolution,’ which characterizes municipalities into four stages — initiative, descriptive, active, and adaptive — as they transform from developing Vision Zero action plans to a position of data and technological sophistication.

Artificial Intelligence for Citizen Services and Government

Across the globe, government offices are testing applications of Artificial intelligence (AI). The prevailing citizen  services use cases relate to citizen inquiries and information. This paper,  from Harvard Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation,  explores the various types of Artificial intelligence applications, and current and future  uses of AI in government delivery of citizen services, with a focus on citizen inquiries and  information. It also offers strategies for governments as they consider implementing AI.