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Smart Cities No. 1 Tech Trend in 2014

Top-Ten-Tech-Predictions-for-2014-1UK-based Juniper Research has released its top 10 technology predictions for 2014 and No. 1 on its list is “when cities get smarter.” Juniper trends document covers a range of fields, from smart cities to education, from wearable devices to 3D printing, where they believe there will be significant activity ‘“ be that adoption or disruption ‘“ over the next 12 months. Continue reading

Figures of Progress: How Data is Driving Decisions

Figures of ProgressGOOD and IBM created Figures of Progress, a new platform that explores the different ways that information has revolutionized our world. Through videos, story profiles, and infographics, they’re sharing stories about the power of data and how today’s leaders in business, city government and nonprofits are finding innovative ways to use it. Continue reading