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Big data and the future of cities

Urban Center for Computation and DataGrid computing pioneer and big data visionary Charlie Catlett recently delivered a presentation on “Big Data and the Future of Cities’ as part of the Argonne OutLoud series, hosted by Argonne National Laboratory. Catlett explores how emerging technologies in high-performance computing, embedded systems and data analytics can help mitigate some of the challenges associated with increased urbanization.

Video: Learning from New York City’ s open-data effort

Learning_from_New_York_CityOpening government data demands much more than technology, says Mike Flowers, the former chief analytics officer of New York City. In this interview with McKinsey Global Institute partner Michael Chui, Flowers details the bridges that needed to be built, internally and externally, to make New York’ s open-data effort succeed. An edited transcript of Flowers’ remarks follows.

Video: The Economic Impact of Open Data

center-for-data-innovationThe Center for Data Innovation orginized a panel discussion highlighting new findings about where demand for open data is strongest and how government agencies can help promote continued data-driven growth in these sectors. At the event, the GovLab at New York University officially released the Open Data 500, the first comprehensive study of U.S. companies that use open government data as a key business resource.