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The supply side of the digitization shift

Strategy + Business just published a survey on the supply side of “digitization’, a society shift based on ubiquitous handheld devices, pervasive sensing apparatus, “big data’ analytics, digital supply chains, search engines, social networks, satellite-based geographic tracking, interconnected real-time digital infrastructure, and massive server farms. Continue reading

Data for the Public Good

As we move into an era of unprecedented volumes of data and computing power, the benefits aren’t for business alone. Data can help citizens access government, hold it accountable and build new services to help themselves. Simply making data available is not sufficient. The use of data for the public good is being driven by a distributed community of media, nonprofits, academics and civic advocates. Continue reading

Infographic: Shaping Sustainable Cities in the Networked Society

Ericsson have released an interesting new infographic which looks at the role of technology in creating sustainable cities as global population hits an expected 9 billion in 2050. Although ‘˜rapid deployment of broadband networks’ is at the core of Ericsson strategy this infographic also looks at the potential economic and environmental benefits of networked cities. Continue reading

Web 2.0 Map: “The Data Layer’

The 2011 edition of the Web 2.0 Map showcases the incumbents and upstarts in our network economy, gathered around various territories that represent the Web 2.0’s Points of Control. This year the creators have introduced “The Data Layer’, where for the top companies in the industry they have built “cities of data’ which illustrate the relative strengths of each company in eight key segments. Continue reading