Territorial Innovation Systems

Call for Papers, Technovation Special Issue

Digital Platforms, Generative AI, and the Future of Territorial Innovation Systems: Navigating the New Landscape of Intelligence and Innovation Technovation Special Issue Call for Papers Territorial innovation systems are considered the driving force behind the development of cities and regions, explaining the capacity of certain territories to propel and incubate [...]

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Publications on Intelligent Cities / Smart Cities

Digitally Disrupted Space, by Anastasia Panori

Digitally Disrupted Space: Proximity and New Development Opportunities for Regions and Cities, by Anastasia Panori, has just been published by Elsevier Smart Cities Series. The book develops an analytical framework of the digital space structural elements and their impact on existing spatial interactions at the urban and regional levels. The [...]

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Climate City Contract of Thessaloniki

The Climate City Contract was signed on September 8, 2023, by 24 organizations that endorse and support the 2030 Action Plan for Climate Neutrality of Thessaloniki and the vision of the city towards net zero emissions. Thessaloniki’s pathways towards climate neutrality cover various sectors:

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Innovations for Sustainability and Climate Neutrality: Towards a European Model

URENIO Research introduces a new Topical Collection in Discover Sustainability on Innovations for Sustainability and Climate Neutrality: Towards a European Model. Discover Sustainability is a Springer Nature open-access journal within the Discover Series, publishing research across all fields relevant to sustainability, and with an Impact Factor 2.6 (2002). The journal [...]

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Innovation ecosystems

HCI International 2024 session “Intelligence Reimagining Innovation Ecosystems”

HCI International 2024, jointly with the affiliated Conferences will take place at the Washington Hilton Hotel, Washington DC, USA (29 June – 4 July 2024). URENIO Research organises, in framework of DAPI, the virtual session “Intelligence Reimagining Innovation Ecosystems”. The session highlights the substantial shifts in urban and regional innovation ecosystems, [...]

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Cities Knowledge Economy

Is the New Economic Geography still Alive in 2023? Smart Algorithmic Places and AI Systems

Organized within the framework of ERSA 2023 Congress, this event is a collaborative effort between the Regional Science Academy and Paul Krugman, Peter Nijkamp, Karima Kourtit, and Yongda Yu. The day’s agenda features three paper sessions encompassing a total of ten papers, a special session dedicated to the scientific significance [...]

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Digital and Green Transition

Twin Transition and changing patterns of spatial mobility

MOBI-TWIN, a Horizon Europe project dedicated to unraveling the dynamics of spatial mobility under the digital and green transition and its significant impact on European Union regions. The project aims to comprehend the intricate patterns of mobility and leverage this knowledge to foster regional governance and prosperity.

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Publications on Intelligent Cities / Smart Cities

Call for papers: Redefining cities and planning under the twin smart and green transition

This special issue of LAND, an open access journal, centers around the ongoing transformation of cities and planning in response to the concurrent digital and green transition. The digital (or smart) transition is a major driver of the current transformation of cities and refers to the application of smart systems, [...]

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Intelligent / Smart Cities Solutions

Connected intelligence for the smart green transition: call for papers

URENIO Research organises a session at the 25th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (HCI International 2023) that will take place at the AC Bella Sky Hotel and Bella Center, Copenhagen, Denmark, 23-28 July 2023. HCII2023 will run as an ‘in-person’ conference with the option for remote participation. The title of [...]

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Intelligent Cities / Smart Cities

Should be afraid of GPT? Are you afraid of Excel?

What is inside a GPT model? I asked GPT-4 a few questions about its memory and algorithm. Here is the discussion. Q1: Can we describe the ChatGPT algorithm as deep learning, backpropagation, attention mechanism based algorithm?

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