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Innovative place-based Triple Helix approaches for regional development through Smart Specialisation Strategies Webinar and Workshop 4th June at 6 pm CEST

HLX4EU webinarThe Triple Helix Association in cooperation with the School of Business and Society at St Mary’ s University in the UK and with the support from Erasmus+ programme of the European Union (Jean Monnet Action) is organising a Webinar on 4th June at 6 pm CEST on the topic: ‘˜Innovative place-based Triple Helix approaches for regional development through Smart Specialisation Strategies’ .

Cologne’ s “Climate Street’ to provide a model for a Digital City

The city of Cologne, on the bank of the river Rhine, has designated a downtown street as a “Climate Street’, and it is expected to act as a living lab which will test climate-friendly technologies and make the flow of traffic more efficient. This initiative is run by the city together with the electricity company RheinEnergie.

Ioannina Smart City Hackathon 2019

The Municipality of Ioannina and the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications of the University of Ioannina, are organising the Ioannina Hackathon 2019. Ioannina Hackathon 2019 is a contest for the development and creation of applications that will address the real needs of Ioannina city, upgrade the quality of life of citizens and visitors, and enhance the city’ s digital transformation.

Are we living in a Suburban Planet?

This book focuses on the process that creates the global urban periphery, namely suburbanization, as well as the ways of life, suburbanisms, that are encountered there. Inspired by Henri Lefebvre’s demand not to give up urban theory when the city in its classical form disappears, this book is a challenge to urban thought more generally as it invites the reader to reconsider the city from the outside in. It is part of the Urban Futures series.

New paper on the impact of Smart City policies on urban innovation

This article “Smart innovative cities: The impact of Smart City policies on urban innovation”, the authors look at the urban innovation impact of smart city policies. Based on the observation that there is no statistical evidence suggesting the existence of a positive association between the implementation of Smart City policies and urban economic performance, the authors try to shed light on this issue. To work on this issue, they collected and analysed data on 309 European metropolitan areas regarding smart city features, smart city policy intensity and urban innovation outputs.

Like Smart Cities, Smart Farms pose their own challenges

In several countries, such as Canada, a digital revolution like the one that created smart cities, is affecting farms. Technology is starting to transform farms and farming. Not only the vast, industrial-scale factory farms, but also small and organic farms. As in the case of smart cities, this technology provides significant benefits, but also creates significant challenges.