Urenio Watch Watch: Publications on Intelligent Cities / Smart Cities

Paper: A systematic review on Sustainable development of smart cities

Sustainable development of smart cities: a systematic review of the literature, written by Evelin Priscila Trindade, Marcus Phoebe Farias Hinnig, Eduardo Moreira da Costa, Jamile Sabatini Marques, Rogério Cid Bastos and Tan Yigitcanlar, is an open access article exploring the relationship between the concepts of sustainable urban development and smart cities. Through a thorough review of the literature, they analyse 25 scientific articles that involve both the terms smart city and environmental sustainability, identifying any kind of models, frameworks or tools that these articles present.

Leading Cities in a World of Disruptive Innovation

This 2017 Global Cities report takes a look at the world’s leading cities as well as those that are likely to become more important on the global stage. It includes the Global Cities Index, which examines cities’ performance, and the Global Cities Outlook, which evaluates their potential. Together, the Index and Outlook present a unique lens on the world’ s largest and most influential cities and those primed to make a strong impact.

Smart sustainable cities of the future

This article, by Simon Elias Bibri and John Krogstie, entitled “Smart sustainable cities of the future: An extensive interdisciplinary literature review” provides an overview of existing approaches from various scientific fields related to smart and sustainable cities. It is published in the journal Sustainable Cities and Society by Elsevier.

Bogotá Commitment and Action Agenda

bogotaThe World Council, UCLG’s principle policy-making body, approved Bogotá Commitment and Action Agenda as the main political output of the Congress. Within the framework of the Global Report on Local Democracy and Decentralization (GOLD IV) and after an extensive in-depth consultation process with UCLG’s members across the world, this commitment contributes to the global debate on sustainable development.

Making Cities Work for All: Data and Actions for Inclusive Growth


Making Cities work for all: Data and Actions for Inclusive Growth is a report published by OECD in 2016. On the one hand, this report provides internationally comparable data on economic growth, inequalities and well-being at the city level in OECD countries. On the other hand, it proposes a framework for action, to help national and local governments reorient policies towards more inclusive growth in cities.