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The people’s smart city dashboard (PSCD): Delivering on community-led governance with blockchain

This paper studies the current delivery of strategic smart city agendas and the top-down means that are used to measure and present their performance. People’s Smart City Dashboard (PSCD)  is proposed as a mean to reimagine smart cities in a more empowering and collaborative manner, using Blockchain. People-centric measurement tools  are designed, supporting a bottom-up and blockchain-based implementation of smart cities. Continue reading

Smart Engagement: Leveraging Technology for a More Inclusive Sydney

smart_engagementThe Committee for Sydney has published a new report entitled Smart Engagement: Leveraging Technology for a More Inclusive Sydney. This report focuses on one of the core building blocks of successful smart cities ‘“ effective citizen engagement. It also provides a diverse range of case studies in how smart engagement can work in Sydney, from using traditional methods to emerging, cutting-edge technology like augmented reality (AR) technologies. Continue reading

A Lab of Labs: Methods and Approaches for a Human-Centered Design

In this book, Martijn de Waal and Gabriele Ferri report on the methods and approaches used by five leading living labs that attended the Design & The City event organized last year at the Knowledge Mile Amsterdam. Its key question is how can citizens be included as ‘˜actors’ when designing smart city technologies and services and what methods could designers use to conceptualize citizens not simply as ‘˜users’ but as ‘˜full human beings,’ with their personal histories, desires, emotions, and sometimes conflicting interests and complex needs. Continue reading