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Conscious Cities Festival 2020: To Shape and be Shaped

Conscious Cities Festival 2020: To Shape and be Shaped will take place at venues worldwide and online from 18th to 24th of October 2020. Through a 15+ event series, participants and experts will have the opportunity to discuss on Conscious Design and the empowerment of local communities. This event invites leading practitioners, activists, scientists and the general public from around the globe to explore the dialogue between people and place. Continue reading

The Hackable City: Digital media and collaborative city-making

hackablecity_coverThis book presents a selection of the best contribution to the Digital Cities 9 Workshop held in Limerick in 2015 and was edited by Michiel de Lange and Martijn de Waal. It combines a number of the latest academic insights into new collaborative modes of city making that are firmly rooted in empirical findings about the actual practices of citizens, designers and policy makers. Continue reading

Citizen participation in open data use at the city level

While citizen participation is considered to be a critical factor of open data use in municipalities, little research to date has either rigorously explained the content of such participation or demonstrated its effect on open data use. This paper suggests a conceptualization of citizen participation and develops a research model linking the proposed multidimensional construct of citizen participation with initial use of open data in municipalities. Continue reading