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New paper: Understanding Civic Crowdfunding as a Mechanism for Leveraging Civic Engagement and Urban Innovation

This paper analyses the dynamics of government initiated civic crowdfunding platforms, with regards to participation inequalities and their defining dimensions. Such platforms are considered by the authors as governmental responses for bottom-up peer-to-peer support mechanisms related to urban innovation, which also allows top-down governance and governmental support systems for civic entrepreneurship. Continue reading

Civic Crowdfunding ‘“ A Guidebook for Local Authorities

Crowdfunding is increasingly being used by cities’ local authorities, usually refered as ‘Civic crowdfunding‘, aiming to democratise the way places are created and funded: from’Civic crowdfunding new street markets and revamped playgrounds, to gardens planted on derelict railway lines.This report by Future Cities Catapult studies the progress of the first wave of local authorities making use of this approach, highlighting the challenges and opportunities of it.
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