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Soft computing for abuse detection using cyber-physical and social big data in cognitive smart cities

This study offers a systematic literature review on the use of soft computing techniques for abuse detection in the complex cyber’“physical’“social big data systems in cognitive smart cities. The objective of the authors is to define and identify the diverse concept of abuse and systematize techniques for automatic abuse detection on social media and real-time abuse detection using IoT. Continue reading

From Smart to Cognitive Cities: Intelligence and Urban Utopias

The article   “From Smart to Cognitive Cities: Intelligence and Urban Utopias ‘  by A. Psaltoglou was published in the 11th issue of  Archidoct and discusses the relation between human intelligence and cities. Through briefly describing human intelligence and utopian thinking, it critically presents two current urban utopias, Smart and Cognitive cities and explores the role of technology as well as the concept of intelligence in both cases. Continue reading