Urenio Watch Watch: Publications on Intelligent Cities / Smart Cities

From Smart Cities to Experimental Cities?

Igor Calzada, lecturer and research fellow in Urban Transformations and the Future of Cities at the University of Oxford, has recentrly written a chapter in the book “Co-Designing Economies in Transition: Radical Approaches in Dialogue with Contemplative Social Sciences“, regarding the evolution of smart cities into a new category, the “experimental city”.   Starting with the deconstruction of the concept of “smartness”, Calzada attempts to foresee how citizenship could require a more active role in this new category.

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Open Governance in the Smart City

Open Governance in the Smart City is a scoping report providing an overview of the variety of approaches local governments and communities can take to ICT enabled open governance. Through eleven cases, 9 european and 2 non-european cities, the report also discusses risks and challenges, concluding with a number of recommendations.   Continue reading