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Our Digital Rights to the City by Meatspace Press

digitalrights_cover‘˜Our Digital Rights to the City‘ is a small collection of articles about digital technology, data and the city. It covers a range of topics relating to the political and economic power of technologies that are now almost inescapable within the urban environment. The collection is edited by Joe Shaw and Mark Graham and its contributing authors are Jathan Sadowski, Valentina Carraro, Bart Wissink, Desiree Fields, Kurt Iveson, Taylor Shelton, Sophia Drakopoulou and Mark Purcell.

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NYC, Amsterdam and Barcelona launch Cities Coalition for Digital Rights

Cities coalition for digital rightsThe Cities Coalition for Digital Rights marks the first international agreement between cities to develop policies to protect their citizens’ internet privacy. The coalition was introduced at the Smart Cities Expo World Congress in Barcelona, and was signed by Barcelona, New York and Amsterdam. The joint initiative will promote and track progress in protecting residents’ and visitors’ digital rights. Continue reading