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Data-driven dashboards for transparent and accountable decision-making

Ricardo Matheus, Marijn Janssen and Devender Maheshwari (2018) have recently published an article entitled “Data science empowering the public: Data-driven dashboards for transparent and accountable decision-making in smart cities” regarding the benefits of using data-driven dashboards for the governance of smart cities. According to their research, there are significant challenges that have to be considered when designing dashboards. They suggest a set of principles that can guide the design process in order to make the decision-making process more transparent and trustful.

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Citizen participation in open data use at the city level

While citizen participation is considered to be a critical factor of open data use in municipalities, little research to date has either rigorously explained the content of such participation or demonstrated its effect on open data use. This paper suggests a conceptualization of citizen participation and develops a research model linking the proposed multidimensional construct of citizen participation with initial use of open data in municipalities. Continue reading