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Exploring the Big Picture of Smart City Research

This paper by Nicos Komninos and Luca Mora (2018) examines how the smart city research field and its intellectual structure has evolved over time. Its purpose is to provide researchers involved in construction of its intellectual structure with knowledge that encompasses this field of study, and suggest future directions of research.

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Big Data and Smart Cities: a literature review

This research entitled “Addressing big data challenges in smart cities: a systematic literature review”    by Sumedha Chauhan, Neetima Agarwal, Arpan Kumar Kar, is focused on discovering the approaches to deal with challenges associated with Big Data in smart cities. To do so, a systematic literature review was conducted to identify such challenges and potential strategies or solutions to deal with Big Data challenges. The results of this paper contribute valuable information to the Big Data practitioners by illustrating the process of effective management of Big Data in smart cities.
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Paper: A systematic review on Sustainable development of smart cities

Sustainable development of smart cities: a systematic review of the literature, written by Evelin Priscila Trindade, Marcus Phoebe Farias Hinnig, Eduardo Moreira da Costa, Jamile Sabatini Marques, Rogério Cid Bastos and Tan Yigitcanlar, is an open access article exploring the relationship between the concepts of sustainable urban development and smart cities. Through a thorough review of the literature, they analyse 25 scientific articles that involve both the terms smart city and environmental sustainability, identifying any kind of models, frameworks or tools that these articles present.

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A Review of Smart Cities Based on IoT

This article “A Review of Smart Cities Based on the Internet of Things Concept”   by Talari et al. (2017) provides an inclusive overview of the concept of the smart city through the perspective of different applications, benefits, and advantages of the Internet of Things. The aim of this review article was to explore variant specifications and features of IoT systems, along with the efficient incentives for utilizing them.

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Smart sustainable cities of the future

This article, by Simon Elias Bibri and John Krogstie, entitled “Smart sustainable cities of the future: An extensive interdisciplinary literature review” provides an overview of existing approaches from various scientific fields related to smart and sustainable cities. It is published in the journal Sustainable Cities and Society by Elsevier. Continue reading