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Unlocking Sustainable Cities: A Manifesto for Real Change

book cover_unlocking sustainable citiesThis book, written by Paul Chatterson, seeks to explore the power of rapidly emerging constellations of connected experiments that can harness the creative power of the many and have the potential to radically unlock the latent potential of cities. It foregrounds that one of the central problems is the way that we approach the very idea of sustainability and questions the dominant urban project of the human species, which he defines as Capitalocene. Continue reading

New book on urban design: A manifesto for designing cities

Brent D. Ryan has detailed his perspective on urban design in a new book, “The Largest Art: A Measured Manifesto for a Plural Urbanism’, calling for a more pluralistic, democratic vision of the city. The book has been recently published by the MIT Press and the author is an associate professor of urban design and public policy in MIT’ s Department of Urban Studies and Planning. Continue reading