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Open Data Charter Measurement Guide

This guide is a collaborative effort of the Charter’ s Measurement and Accountability Working Group (MAWG) of the Open Knowledge International. It analyses the Open Data Charter principles  and how they are assessed based on current open government data measurement tools. Governments, civil society, journalists, and researchers may use it to better understand how they can measure open data activities according to the Charter principles.

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Paper: A systematic review on Sustainable development of smart cities

Sustainable development of smart cities: a systematic review of the literature, written by Evelin Priscila Trindade, Marcus Phoebe Farias Hinnig, Eduardo Moreira da Costa, Jamile Sabatini Marques, Rogério Cid Bastos and Tan Yigitcanlar, is an open access article exploring the relationship between the concepts of sustainable urban development and smart cities. Through a thorough review of the literature, they analyse 25 scientific articles that involve both the terms smart city and environmental sustainability, identifying any kind of models, frameworks or tools that these articles present.

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Atlas of Urban Expansion: a global sample of 200 cities

As of 2010, the world contained 4,231 cities with 100,000 or more people. The Atlas of Urban Expansion collects and analyzes data on the quantity and quality of urban expansion in a stratified global sample of 200 cities. The Atlas is a multi-phase research effort by the NYU Urban Expansion Program at the Marron Institute of Urban Management and the Stern School of Business of New York University, in partnership with UN-Habitat and the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy. Continue reading

RSPI: A Measure of Social Progress in the EU Regions

regio-rsiThe European Union Regional Social Progress Index aims to measure social progress on 50 indicators across the 272 regions of the EU member states as a complement to traditional measures of economic progress. It is a collaborative project carried out by the Social Progress Imperative, Orkestra (a research institute on competitiveness in the Basque region) and the Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy of the European Commission. Continue reading

Urban Europe – Statistics on cities, towns and suburbs

urban-europeThis report, published by Eurostat on September 2016, provides detailed information for a number of territorial typologies that can be used to paint a picture of urban developments and urban life in the EU Member States, as well as European Free Trade Association (EFTA) and candidate countries.

Each chapter presents statistical information in the form of maps, tables and figures, accompanied by a description of the policy context and a set of main findings. Continue reading