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New report by Nesta: Reclaiming the Smart City

reclaiming the smart city_nesta_coverThis report “Reclaiming the Smart City: Personal Data, Trust and the New Commons” was recently published by Nesta, as part of DECODE (DEcentralised Citizen Owned Data Ecosystems), a major EU Horizon 2020 project. Addressing some of the major flaws in how traditional smart city projects have approached data collection and use, it focuses on how and why city governments are taking a more responsible approach to the use of personal data. Continue reading

Nesta: Transforming Political Engagement through Digital Democracy

This report “Digital Democracy: The tools transforming political engagement” published by Nesta, aims at providing useful insights on the use of digital technologies by governments, municipal authorities or political parties in order to engage citizens in decision-making. Based on lessons from Nesta’s research, it is focused on examples of pioneering innovation in digital democracy across Europe and beyond today. Continue reading

Governing with Collective Intelligence

This report, published by Nesta, provides an introduction to collective intelligence in government. It aims to be useful and relevant to governments of countries at very different levels of development. It highlights the ways in which governments are better understanding the world around them, drawing on ideas and expertise from their citizens, and encouraging greater scrutiny of their actions. Continue reading

Design in the public sector: An interactive map by Nesta

A growing number of governments and public sector organisations have been turning to design as a new approach to help them solve complex challenges and improve the way they work. Through the creation of an interactive map, Nesta and Paris-based lab La 27e Région provide a snapshot of the sector and demonstrates the wide mix of players involved.

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