Urenio Watch Watch: Cities

New report on Citizen-led data governance

The rise of the online economy is based on the opportunities to extract value from data that is produced by digital technologies. As opposed to data brokers that gain value buying and selling personal information, this report argues for radically new ideas about how the value of our personal information can be returned back to citizens. Rather than focusing on how making money from data, it focuses on how data can benefit society as a whole, exploring the idea of ‘data commons’. The report is entitled “Common Knowledge: Citizen-led data governance for better cities” and is part of the decode H2020 project.

New report: Can cities outsmart the robots?

outsmart_robotsAs the robot industry develops and debates on the ‘rise of the robots’ increase at a global level, Centre for Cities explores how automation and artificial intelligence could transform UK cities. Their research shows that some cities will be more vulnerable than others and that, without concerted action, socio-economic divides across the country are likely to widen. Stressing the need to understand the deeper meaning of these changes, the authors explore how the skill system adapts   to respond to these changes.

New report about the economic links between cities and towns

talk_of_the_townThe report Talk of the Town: The economic links between cities and towns was recently published by the Centre for Cities in UK. Its main objective is to understand how British cities, towns and villages interact and what is the impact they have on each other. Assuming these interactions affect the standards of living for people across the country and the national economy as a whole, this report shows that cities are home to the majority of the economy provides policy recommendation.

New report by Nesta: Reclaiming the Smart City

reclaiming the smart city_nesta_coverThis report “Reclaiming the Smart City: Personal Data, Trust and the New Commons” was recently published by Nesta, as part of DECODE (DEcentralised Citizen Owned Data Ecosystems), a major EU Horizon 2020 project. Addressing some of the major flaws in how traditional smart city projects have approached data collection and use, it focuses on how and why city governments are taking a more responsible approach to the use of personal data.

Bogotá Commitment and Action Agenda

bogotaThe World Council, UCLG’s principle policy-making body, approved Bogotá Commitment and Action Agenda as the main political output of the Congress. Within the framework of the Global Report on Local Democracy and Decentralization (GOLD IV) and after an extensive in-depth consultation process with UCLG’s members across the world, this commitment contributes to the global debate on sustainable development.