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(Smart) Citizens from Data Providers to Decision-Makers?

paper_mdpiIn his new article, Dr Igor Calzada discusses the role of citizens and their relationship with data in the smart city paradigm. Through a closer look on the case of Barcelona, he argues that there is a growing consideration of citizens as decision-makers rather than data providers. The article is entitled “(Smart) Citizens from Data Providers to Decision-Makers? The Case Study of Barcelona” and it is open access.

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New Handbook for Making Successful Innovation Districts

This handbook, entitled Advancing a new wave of urban competitiveness: The role of mayors in the rise of innovation districts, offers concrete strategies for mayor and their administration to facilitate the rise of innovation districts. It is the result of a collaborative work between the United States Conference of Mayors, the Brookings Institution, along with the Project for Public Spaces.

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Making Cities Work for All: Data and Actions for Inclusive Growth


Making Cities work for all: Data and Actions for Inclusive Growth is a report published by OECD in 2016. On the one hand, this report provides internationally comparable data on economic growth, inequalities and well-being at the city level in OECD countries. On the other hand, it proposes a framework for action, to help national and local governments reorient policies towards more inclusive growth in cities.

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