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Developing innovation portfolios for the public sector

developing innovation portfolios for the public sector deloitteThe article “Developing innovation portfolios for the public sector: Portfolios for public good’ by Holden A., Cassidy J., Hallberg K. and Marsh W. published on Deloitte Insights examines how can a public sector organization reap the rewards of investing in truly transformational innovation efforts while mitigating the accompanying risks. In the article is argued that the answer could lie in managing innovation as a portfolio of investments that balances risk and reward. Continue reading

Book Chapter: Co-producing Smart City Services

This chapter provides theoretical empirical information regarding methods and tools that can make co-production of public services a   more efficient process. Through an exploration of six pilot case studies, authors find out that, apart from methods and tools, other skills as well as the capacity to manage the governance of co-production are crucial for this objective.

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Design in the public sector: An interactive map by Nesta

A growing number of governments and public sector organisations have been turning to design as a new approach to help them solve complex challenges and improve the way they work. Through the creation of an interactive map, Nesta and Paris-based lab La 27e Région provide a snapshot of the sector and demonstrates the wide mix of players involved.

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