Urenio Watch Watch: Collaborative Innovation

Transforming innovation for decarbonisation? Insights from combining complex systems and social practice perspectives

The transformation of research and policy approaches to innovation for decarbonisation towards a type of social innovation, is promising to open discussions and interrelate with the present reality. This paper starts by challenging the demand-supply dichotomy. Complex systems and social practice theories represent the compelling frameworks whereby to deal with this transformation.

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Energy Communities An overview of energy and social innovation

This report is providing an overview of the activities, organisation and implications of energy communities as participants across the energy system. It identifies them as contiguous processes of both the energy transition and social innovation. Paths for future policy implications and research initiatives are analysed and informed. The European Commission’ s Clean Energy for All Europeans Package is stated as the indicator of the role prosumers and their collective forms will play in the future energy system. Continue reading

Paper: An empirical investigation of social innovation initiatives for sustainable urban development

This paper written by Angelidou and Psaltoglou (2017) is focused on the role of citizens in social innovation initiatives regarding sustainable urban development, and more specifically environmental sustainability. Through the investigation of 29 cases of social innovation initiatives for sustainability across 9 domains, this research identifies four primary citizen profiles in social innovation for sustainable urban development. Continue reading