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Smart and Resilient Urban Futures for Sustainability in the Post COVID-19 Era: A Review of Policy Responses on Urban Mobility

This paper opens a discussion on the transformational impact that the pandemic brought to the sector of mobility within the urban environment. The analysis focuses on the promotion of sustainability, the smart growth agenda, and the acceleration towards the smart city paradigm. The authors conceive the disruption caused by the pandemic as an opportunity for change towards sustainability, since the transport sector in many cities causes negative environmental and health costs.   Continue reading

New Paper_Introducing the “15-Minute City’: Sustainability, Resilience and Place Identity in Future Post-Pandemic Cities

With the concept of “15-Minute City’ gaining ground in popular media following the impacts of COVID19 and its subsequent adoption at policy level, the present paper introduces the concept, its origins, intent and future directions. The concept, offering a novel perspective of “chrono-urbanism’, adds to the existing thematic of Smart Cities and the rhetoric of building more humane urban fabrics and safer, more resilient, sustainable and inclusive cities, as depicted in the Sustainable Development Goal 11 of the United Nations.   Continue reading

New book_AI in the Wild : Sustainability in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

AI in the Wild explores the value of artificial intelligence for conserving nature, managing ecosystems, and defending wildlife. The book is examining the potential benefits and risks in the sustainability of ecosystems resulting from the introduction of artificial intelligence in  factories,  corporate supply chains, households, cities, and agricultural communities.   Continue reading

New Book_Open Cities | Open Data: Collaborative Cities in the Information Era

‘‹The book “Open Cities|Open Data: Collaborative Cities in the Information Era” consists of a collection of papers that synthesise two emerging topics: smart cities and open data. While the academic, policy and market discussions about ‘˜Smart Cities’ have been underway for over a decade, the chapters and research in this collection reflect a more recent re-framing of the discussion around the ‘˜data-driven and responsive city’ . Continue reading

Unlocking Sustainable Cities: A Manifesto for Real Change

book cover_unlocking sustainable citiesThis book, written by Paul Chatterson, seeks to explore the power of rapidly emerging constellations of connected experiments that can harness the creative power of the many and have the potential to radically unlock the latent potential of cities. It foregrounds that one of the central problems is the way that we approach the very idea of sustainability and questions the dominant urban project of the human species, which he defines as Capitalocene. Continue reading

New EC booklet: European Urban Mobility – Policy Context

This publication has been prepared by the European Commission, principally for the benefit of cities and stakeholders in third countries. It provides an overview of EU urban mobility policy and expertise, with links to specific policy areas such as energy, environment, climate change as well as   employment and growth. It is available in English with translations into Mandarin, French, Portuguese and Spanish. Continue reading

Special Issue on “Smart Cities – Infrastructure and Information”

The Open Access Journal Urban Planning has published a special issue related to the topic of smart cities, and more specifically related to the aspect of infrastructure and information. It contains one editorial and three articles that present different smart cities solutions implemented in real-case scenarios. The editors of the special issue are Soora Rasouli, Harry Timmermans and Dujuan Yang. Continue reading