Urenio Watch Watch: Cities

JRC publishes report on the Future of Cities

jrc_futurecitiesThis report identifies challenges influencing the future of cities in Europe and beyond, presenting several perspectives from which to look at resolving these issues. It is an initiative of the JRC and is supported by the Commission’ s Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy (DG REGIO). The main aim is to raise open questions and steer discussions on what the future of cities can, and should be, both within the scientific and policymaker communities. Continue reading

SC[PAM]: Smart City Projects Assessment Matrix

scpamMotivated by the worldwide implementation of smart city projects (SCPs) combined with the need for an assessment tool for these projects, a group of researchers from the Technical University of Madrid (Victoria Fernandez-Anez, Guillermo Velazquez, Fiamma Perez-Prada and Andrés Monzón) propose Smart City Projects Assessment Matrix (SC[PAM]). It is about a holistic approach on not only assessing smart city initiatives through SCPs, but also establishing relationships between the effects of smart city strategies and the current urban challenges.

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