Urenio Watch Watch: Intelligent Cities / Smart Cities

An exploratory approach for urban data visualization and spatial analysis with a game engine

This paper proposes the use of game engines towards the creation of interactive urban environments and engagement with data. The authors designed and implemented an interactive visualization tool that delivers comprehensive urban data summaries and analytics through a user-friendly interface. Continue reading

JRC publishes report on the Future of Cities

jrc_futurecitiesThis report identifies challenges influencing the future of cities in Europe and beyond, presenting several perspectives from which to look at resolving these issues. It is an initiative of the JRC and is supported by the Commission’ s Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy (DG REGIO). The main aim is to raise open questions and steer discussions on what the future of cities can, and should be, both within the scientific and policymaker communities. Continue reading

From Smart Cities to Experimental Cities?

Igor Calzada, lecturer and research fellow in Urban Transformations and the Future of Cities at the University of Oxford, has recentrly written a chapter in the book “Co-Designing Economies in Transition: Radical Approaches in Dialogue with Contemplative Social Sciences“, regarding the evolution of smart cities into a new category, the “experimental city”.   Starting with the deconstruction of the concept of “smartness”, Calzada attempts to foresee how citizenship could require a more active role in this new category.

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