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New paper: Understanding Civic Crowdfunding as a Mechanism for Leveraging Civic Engagement and Urban Innovation

This paper analyses the dynamics of government initiated civic crowdfunding platforms, with regards to participation inequalities and their defining dimensions. Such platforms are considered by the authors as governmental responses for bottom-up peer-to-peer support mechanisms related to urban innovation, which also allows top-down governance and governmental support systems for civic entrepreneurship. Continue reading

New paper on the impact of Smart City policies on urban innovation

This article “Smart innovative cities: The impact of Smart City policies on urban innovation”, the authors look at the urban innovation impact of smart city policies. Based on the observation that there is no statistical evidence suggesting the existence of a positive association between the implementation of Smart City policies and urban economic performance, the authors try to shed light on this issue. To work on this issue, they collected and analysed data on 309 European metropolitan areas regarding smart city features, smart city policy intensity and urban innovation outputs.
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Enhancing sustainable urban development through smart city applications

URENIO Research published an article that explores the potential contribution of smart city applications to sustainable urban development, and more specifically to environmental sustainability. Through an in-depth investigation of applications hosted on the Intelligent City Software and Solutions repository (ICOS), the paper identifies under-researched and under-exploited fields of smart city applications that could be opportunities to attain the “zero vision’ objectives.

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