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Crowdsourcing and Living Labs in Smart Cities

IGI_coverThis article “Crowdsourcing and Living Labs in Support of Smart Cities’ Development” focuses on exploring the contribution of crowdsourcing and living labs to smart cities’ development. It explores the possible combination and integration of such tools for smart ideas generation and innovation production by placing citizens ‘˜in the first line’ . The authors propose a methodological approach that integrates urban sustainable development with stakeholders’ and citizens’ active participation.   Continue reading

Enhancing sustainable urban development through smart city applications

URENIO Research published an article that explores the potential contribution of smart city applications to sustainable urban development, and more specifically to environmental sustainability. Through an in-depth investigation of applications hosted on the Intelligent City Software and Solutions repository (ICOS), the paper identifies under-researched and under-exploited fields of smart city applications that could be opportunities to attain the “zero vision’ objectives.

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